The Life of Microsoft’s Founder Infographic

It was a regular day in the Gates household. When the family was getting ready and Bill, known in his family as Trey, was still downstairs, his mother called down to his room in the basement, “Trey, what are you doing down there?”
“I’m thinking, mother. Don’t you ever think?” he shot back.

how bill gates started Microsoft founder info graphic

how bill gates started Microsoft founder info graphic

Bill Gates’s father was a lawyer. A very successful one. His mother a teacher. Reading business magazines in middle school, Bill Jr. had a different dream – to open a company. You could say that’s how he started – with a childish dream. Many kids have dreams, though. How was he different?

How Bill Gates Started To Hack

Next, Bill Gates saw a computer at 13. The school he went to bought one machine and a teletype. He paid for the time to use it. When the money ran out, he hacked into the computer to use it for free. Then he got banned by the school. Then the school realized he had a rare skill so they asked him to use the computer and help them find bugs. He started to be a hacker.
Bill Gates believes he can improve the way he thinks in general. He suggests and himself practices “brain rules” from the eponymous book by John Medina. The rules explain how the brain works from musical memory to the ability to play baseball.

Since this is an infographic blog, I should mention that Bill Gates, is specifically concerned about the trend to distort facts and data with infographics. To spot the visual lie and learn what statistics actually say he recommends a very old but spot-on book