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WordPress is a popular blogging software and a content management system.

Regardless of whether or not you wish a private journal, a news web site or a full fledged company web site – WordPress is wont to produce that web site you’ve got been searching for since long. quite twenty third of all websites ar powered by WordPress and it’s solely eleven years previous. uncalled-for to mention, WordPress has revolutionized the means we have a tendency to produce websites and to the current day, it continues to amaze United States.

WordPress is basically straightforward to use and straightforward to setup. However, it will take a moment obtaining accustomed. Once you are doing get a suspend of WordPress, you’ll be able to produce all styles of websites with it.

We know there area unit lots of paid tools accessible within the market like PDF guides, eBooks, Kindle books or maybe paper books. you must avoid obtaining those as a result of these videos we offer contain all the helpful stuff and a lot of.

What You Can Expect from These Free WordPress Videos?

From basic WordPress videos to intensive customization tutorials, you’ll expect all types of videos from this series. we have a tendency to area unit attending to tell you all regarding the fundamentals like what WordPress is, what a post is, what a page is, etc. we have a tendency to area unit then attending to show you ways to try and do advanced stuff like produce kid themes, manage users on a multi-author web log, manage cache on your web site, create your web site hack-proof, etc..

Are These Videos Really Free?

Yes! 100%. wish|we would like|we wish} individuals to be told this wonderful CMS and that we want them to be told it for free of charge. we all know however powerful obtaining started during this on-line world may be, particularly since most are making an attempt to sell you useless data product that you simply do not would like. a minimum of not once there area unit plenty of free alternatives accessible.

The cash you save learning WordPress is that the money you’ll be able to pay obtaining pregnant things for your web site sort of a name or web-hosting.

Can I Share These Videos?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, we tend to encourage sharing these WordPress instruction videos in order that everybody will get pleasure from them. you’ll be able to Tweet them or share them on your Facebook wall. you’ll be able to even infix these videos on your own diary or your web site. All we tend to raise is that you simply mention wherever you bought the videos from.

Now, let’s start with the WordPress tutorials.

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